Guide to Homecoming Corsages & Boutonnieres

Are you looking for the dish on buying Homecoming flowers? Our floral experts answer some basic questions about picking out prom corsages and boutonnieres. Look to Milano Florist for all your needs when you are wondering about buying corsages for prom.


Corsages For Homecoming - A Necessary Item

Homecoming is one of those times in a teens life that they will see the transition from being a teen to an adult starting. Yes, some of the teens going to homecoming are already eighteen, but not all of them. However, the transition period is very close and this definitely will make the teens want to look their best not only for the the big night, but also for their dates. For the girls, this often means having a great looking Homecoming corsage that the date picks out for them to wear, which will help them have a great looking item to wear to the Homecoming.

What Is A Corsage?

A corsage by the technical term is a simple spread of flowers that is meant to be worn by women. This will vary depending on the event, but it is usually meant for the formal events like Homecoming, weddings, and depending on where people go or are attending a fancy dinner gathering or higher end fundraisers that people may be attending. Typically the corsages will be worn on the shoulder of the girls dresses, but they can also be worn on the wrist as well.

What is A Boutonniere?

This is the flowers the girls are going to be giving to the boys. These flowers are not really going to be of the same brilliant colors the girls may be getting, but will be more of the neutral colors. These are going to be found in the buttonhole of the guys jackets. This will allow the girls to have something to give to the guys when they arrive to pick them up.

Who Buys The Homecoming Corsage?

In tradition it is going to be up to the guys to buy the corsage, yes these tend to be pricey, but it is worth it. The corsage is going to be given to the girls when they are picked up for the Homecoming. Since it is the date that is buying the corsage, it will generally fall on the guys to buy this item. However, the girls do not get out of this free as the tradition holds the girls are to buy a boutonniere for the guys to wear as well.

Who Buys The Homecoming Boutonniere?

Typically these are going to be purchased by the girls to give to their dates. This will not cost as much as the corsage, but it will still have a great look to it and when you are getting these they will look great. They will also provide you with a great item to give away as well and give the guys something they can remember the night with for years to comes as well.

Where Is The Homecoming Corsage Typically Worn?

Well, the corsage is an item that is going to be worn by the girls typically on the left strap of the dress towards the shoulder. This is an easy area to reach and when the guys go to put it on can be easy to put on. One change that has come around quite a bit because of the advances in the styles of strapless dresses is the placement of the corsage.

When the girls are wearing a strapless dress the corsage is going to be moved down to the left wrist. This will be a position that is easy for the guys to get at as well and will often be a great look for the girls. The downside is the girls will have to get used to having something ton the wrist to make them feel comfortable with the item.

How Long Will A Corsage Keep In The Fridge?

Typically the corsage will be purchased a couple of days in advance of the Homecoming. This means that people are going to have to keep the corsage looking fresh until it is time for the dance. This means keeping the corsage in the fridge, but how long will you be able to keep it in the fridge? The simple answer is you will want to keep the corsage in the fridge for up to 24 hours if it has the flowers on it already. If the flowers are not on the corsage, which would be kind of a safe looking corsage the time is undetermined.

Is It Important To Match The Flowers To The Outfit?

This is something that you really need to consider because the girls will want to match. However, if the guys are not aware of the dress the girls are wearing it is hard to match. If possible do your best to match and if you are a girl that gets a mismatched color that is not going to look great, you need to remember the guy did the best he could with what was probably very limited information. So you will want to make sure you thank your date for the beautiful corsage even if they do not match.

Finding a corsage for Homecoming near me is not something that a guy thinks about, but it is something that is very important to do. You just have to make sure you know that you do have to get one for your date because it is one of those items the girls will view as being necessary. No matter what, make sure you are ready for the date and have a great time at Homecoming, but also know you will be getting a boutonniere in return for the corsage.

Searching for Corsages for Homecoming Near Me

The staff of Milano Florist is ready to assist you when you are ready to purchase your corsage. You can stop by our store with the dress in tow, call us over the phone, or visit our website to pick out the best corsage and boutonniere for you and your date. We have a wide variety of options online as well as much more in store.


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